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Seven Production Film & Broadcasting

Seven Production, is a Dubai-born “Film & Broadcasting” Independent Production House at the forefront of many of the biggest events happening in the MENA Region.

Originally established in 2007, Dubai – UAE, and now having offices in Riyadh, and Lebanon, Seven has carved out a well esteemed reputation of being the region’s premier innovator of market leading 4K and HD Broadcast solutions and Live technical Event support to the most prestigious broadcasters, production companies, event organizers and government entities.

Our promise to our client is to go above and beyond expectations through the delivery of customized solutions and outstanding results time and time again. We are sensitive to cultural differences and comply with all national regulations, and the ability to customize our offering based on client requirements ensures we deliver precisely what is demanded for the project. Our clients can reach us 24/7 using our direct hotlines, and our equipment is ready to ship at any time, and can be sent to any location within 12 hours.

Our ‘make it happen attitude, strengthened by the experience and drive of our teams, customer trust and the promise that we always deliver, makes us fiercely proud of our reputation.

Seven Production has been involved in the Filming and Technical Production of numerous Television Shows taking place in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With over ten studios existing across Riyadh, Jeddah & Dammam, Seven Production offers spaces that can be customized to any production needs. Seven has a variety of studios ranging from 300sqm to 5000sqm and these are the largest studio facilities in the Middle East .

Typical clients of Seven range from Government Media Organizations, Private Media Companies, Television Networks, Television Channels, Satellite Broadcasting Companies, Entertainment Companies, Film Studios, Production Houses and Content Creators. Sevens’ long-term clients include MBC Group, Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, MTV and Saudi Broadcasting Channel, to name a few.

Seven’s TV Production package includes the basic dry hire of any individual soundproofed studio. Additional services are available on demand and range from the hire of an Outside Broadcast Truck, Technical Equipment, Specialist Camera Facilities, to the Technical Personnel required to create the production.


Seven Production provides specialist filming as well as 4K Media Solutions customized for any LIVE event. Since 2007, Seven prides itself on being the broadcasting partner of some of the biggest Royal, Government and Corporate events that have taken place in the region. The specialist filming of LIVE Events can be documented and produced instantly. Seven’s fleet of Outside Broadcast trucks can be used to film and broadcast a range of small to extremely large event sizes, depending on the customization of the individual trucks’ equipment.

The quantity of equipment required for a Live event will depend upon the occasion. A news unit will require a relatively small van, two operators with simple facilities to balance a few sound sources and switch between a handful of cameras. It will have its own satellite dish on the roof making it completely self-contained. For a larger scale event such as The Arab-Islamic American Summit which took place in Saudi Arabia, the Outside Broadcast Trucks involved needed to support and switch between a number of 45+ cameras, mix a large number of microphones, add graphics and replays, and generally package a complete program for delivery to Live Broadcast.

Sevens’ long-term clients include MBC Group, MMG, DIAFA, BIAF, Arab Fashion Week, Miss Europe Continental, Dubai RTA and Nokia.


The fleet of Seven Production Outside Broadcast Trucks are capable of Live Coverage and can be customized for any event size and style. All trucks are kitted out with HD and 4K equipment, starting from 5 cameras and continuing to 45+ cameras.

All Outside Broadcast Trucks are required to transmit LIVE and all have the basic functionality to make a program. Seven OB trucks are equipped with production switchers to select cameras, an audio mixer to balance great sound, graphics and video effects, servers for recording and replay, and all the underlying infrastructure. The fleet of OB Trucks can be used for various events, both large and small, and they can access offsite events that are unreachable with a studio production .

An Outside Broadcast can often be an extremely complex production, requiring more equipment than a typical studio show. A sports game, political conference or festival will often have a large number of cameras and all of them will need to be independently recorded on a video server network, to be available for instant replay. The fleet of Seven Production Outside Broadcast Trucks are capable of Live Coverage and can be customized for any event size and style.