Live broadcasting is about delivering the highest quality programming, instantly and on the spot—all requiring your production crew to communicate and coordinate with one another in real-time effectively and virtually from any location in the world.

Seven Production has an extensive set of flexible wireless solutions for broadcast productions to connect these entities together and extend the communications access to any remote location, quickly and effortlessly.

Specific Equipment
  • Intercom System (6 sources)
  • GPS Tracking
  • Volt-meter Indication
  • Remote control of power of all equipment

3×12 volts batteries, parallel wiring remote control at pilot position for:

  • Pilot can control the voltage level of batteries
  • Dedicated waterproof connector for side cases and amplifier (3 pin military plug) – XLR4 adapter on request
  1. Engine: 4 stroke, Twin cylindres 300 kms with full tank
  2. Power: <34 watts @5000tr/min regulated from 13.5 to 15.5 volts 28 amperes
radio & intercom
  • Integrated radio (both sides of pilot position) and Intercom (left side case) system
  • Motorola CM140 UHF radio used for technical RF conference (listen and talk function)
  • Motorola CM140 VHF radio used for production (listen function)
  • 2 extra audio inputs (one at mic/line with direct output at line level & one at line level) on the intercom system volume of all inputs can be adjust independently
  • We provide helmet for pilot and cameraman
general information
  • 1 or 2 of 19 inch rack (according to the event) of 21U 108x50x55cms
  • 1 Base for rack
  • 1 Power box
Setup Time
  • Around 5 hours
  • Weight from 100kg to 150kg – (according to the event)
  • Power Consumption 40 A/h max (28V)