Seven Production has the largest fleet of Outside Broadcasting Trucks in the region. All trucks are kitted out with HD and 4k equipment, starting from 5 cameras and continuing to 45+ cameras.

All Outside Broadcasting trucks are required to transmit LIVE and all have the basic functionality to make a program. Seven OB trucks are equipped with production switchers to select cameras, an audio mixer to balance great sound, graphics and video effects, servers for recording and replay, and all the underlying infrastructure.

The fleet of OB Trucks can be used for various events, both large and small, and they can access offsite events that are unreachable with a studio production.

An Outside Broadcast can often be an extremely complex production, requiring more equipment than a typical studio show. A sports game, political conference or festival will often have a large number of cameras and all of them will need to be independently recorded on a video server network, to be available for instant replay.