7 production covers dubai beach polo cup

7 Production and Events broadcast the Julius Baer Beach Polo Cup Dubai 2013. The company’s end-to-end media coverage of the event involved HD recording of live matches and ceremonies and was handled by a crew of 20 equipped with the latest and best in broadcast/filming technology.

In order to ensure smooth operation and immediate on-site resolution of any potential production complexities, 7 deployed one of its largest outside broadcast (OB) vans to the venue. The van was equipped with10 Sony HDC-1500R cameras, three wireless camera systems, a Jimmy Jib and a Sony MVS-6000 vision mixer- all of which were operated by a 25 engineers, directors and cameramen. 7 Production and Events also managed post production of over 17 hours of footage.

Commenting on the unique challenges that the filming of the Julius Baer Beach Polo Cup Dubai 2013 posed, Pierre Tabet, Operations Manager for 7 Production and Events said, “Filming of sporting events is always difficult because there is always a high level expertise required to capture the right shots. Furthermore, post production editing can make or break the final result. Knowing which shots to slow down, replay or skip is a vital skill that goes hand in hand with filming and is essential to offering end-to-end production services.”

Sam Ketiela, Managing and Creative Director at Mamemo Productions says, “It is always refreshing to work with a team that is not only highly professional but is also capable of proactively identifying and responding to the requirements of the project. This gives us confidence and helps eliminate unnecessary worry. It is always a pleasure to work together with 7.”