7 production wins award for afc asian cup coverage

The Best Live Action Capture of the Year award at the 15th Annual Digital Studio Awards went to 7 Production.

The Best Live Action Capture award recognises excellence in live action capture, whether that’s live sports, historic events, game shows, or even skydiving. Filming live action is no mean feat; without the luxury of multiple takes, the pressure is on. All of the shortlisted nominations were strong, making it a tough task for the judges to select a winner.

7 production awards

AFC Asian Cup 2019 Coverage by 7 Production

The winning live action capture project was a “world-class” live production matching the highest international broadcast standards. 7 Production did full justice to the live football action at Asia’s premier international football tournament captured by deploying 26 technical crew, 18 creative individuals, 2 OB vans, 56 In-Goal, Wireless & Cable Cameras, 10 Hyper-Motion Cameras, 2 techno cranes, 10 jimmy jibs, 2 Spider Cam per match, 2 Drones per match and 2 Orbiter Cameras for each match.

Unified augmented & virtual graphics were incorporated to enhance viewer experience, as well as “real-time” collection of metadata for archive purposes. The judges praised the winners for the hard work in producing an excellent deliverable for the second oldest continental football championship in the world.