7 production expands in mena with tsl tallyman
The region’s premium broadcast innovator has purchased one of the most effective control systems that includes protocols native to all major manufacturers

Transforming the region’s broadcast industry with its innovative solutions for live events, 4K and HD services, 7 Production has recently added TallyMan to its range of equipments.

7 Production recognized the need for a complete Broadcast Control System for their 4K OB Truck to control all devices, including vision mixers, routers and multi-viewers. They needed installation and commissioning which was provided by BSS Dubai, trusted system integrators of TSL Products. Now, 7 Production used TallyMan as their main control system, and Tally Management for the OB incorporating all signals and signal chains within the system.

TallyMan has proven to be a problem solver product capable of working wonders within a fast-paced environment. It is extremely versatile in dealing with the massive hurdles and pressures of broadcast production.

“The system is robust and competitively priced. It is not overly complex compared to other control systems and we have great support from the TSL Team. In addition to this, all our engineers are familiar with TallyMan, as we use it in all our remaining OB Trucks, making our lives much easier!” said Tony Jabbour, Head of Engineering and Operations at 7 Production.

As a control system that includes protocols native to all the major manufacturers, TallyMan is beneficial for any customer, as it provides all third-party protocols within the system controller, allowing unlimited connections with third party equipments for control and monitoring.

TallyMans open APIs and powerful configuration capabilities solves everyday workflow issues and link of multiple systems, bringing together the interface to kit from Grass Valley, LAWO and more:

Kahuna 9600 Production Switcher: Full reading of crosspoint, mnemonic and tally data to provide real time signal flow information and update all other device statuses dynamically. The user can also create their own custom labels, import button labels from router mnemonics and change button labels on the fly.

Sirius 800 Router: TallyMan provides a complete and realtime overview of all signal flows that allows mnemonics, and matrix crosspoint information to be used for dynamically updating the rest of the system. The Router can also be controlled using salvos, recalling system presets and Joystick overrides.

Lawo MC2 36: Ember+ provides TallyMan with external control of the matrix, fader gains/labels and events within the MC2. The device also provides a Quartz interface to control upstream routers that can be used by TallyMan to be communicated to the Sirius router, ensure system wide integration.

Snell MV Series Multiviewers: Using the dynamic information from the Kahuna 9600, the Sirius 840 and additional internal system logic, the TalllyMan provides instant updates of signal flow from any position in the system, on air indications, mnemonic/naming information, preset indications as well as System alerts and alarm indications.

As a unified control system, TallyMan delivers both capex and opex savings, and sits equally comfortably within a traditional environment, a software-defined architecture, or a hybrid transitional system. Also, by putting just the appropriate amount of control in the hands of the operator, it minimises reworking through errors to improve system reliability, support system expansion, and simplify system maintenance, while reducing short-term and long-term cost of ownership.

TallyMan Virtual Panels also enable visual, unified control of signal flows and device within the system. Virtual Panels are a software-based control surface that interfaces to any control system and allows customers to visualise their workflows to effectively and intuitively manage their systems. They can replicate full studio controls, camera controls, routing panels, signal flows, pre-sets and source names, all configured by the user with minimal training.

TSL’s TallyMan brings complex systems under a single point of control and minimizes operational complexity, allowing staff to deliver high-quality outputs with minimal risk of error. With just two days training, customers are armed with the knowledge to unlock the full capabilities of the control system.

It is also possible to build association routers quickly within TallyMan and add the routing controls to your virtual panels. Broadcasters now need more bandwidth, for example, to group 4x 3G data inputs to make a 4K source. This can be achieved by routing between blocks of quad inputs and outputs, by condensing 4 ‘levels’ in an Association Router into 1 destination.

7 Production is rapidly expanding in Africa and the MENA region with upcoming projects in Madagascar, Libya and Tunisia among others. Aside from being called upon to film and broadcast live events, they are also in the process of setting up future studios in these countries to film their national TV shows. They are also working towards becoming pioneers within the industry with some of the latest equipment available in the region.