advantages of mobile production vehicles for outside broadcasting

Thanks to advances in technology and innovations in broadcasting equipment, live broadcasting is no longer limited to indoor studios. Outdoor broadcasting allows your outdoor event to be broadcasted live in real time. Whether it’s a corporate event, government event, concert, or other form of entertainment, outdoor broadcasting allows you to leverage the power of mobile broadcasting equipment to seamlessly broadcast your event.

What is Outdoor Broadcasting?

When there are outdoor events that cannot be recorded in an indoor studio, outside broadcasting is used. Outside broadcasting, or OB, is usually done using mobile remote broadcasting. There is different equipment involved in this type of production, such as a professional video camera and microphone. All of this equipment has signals that feed into the mobile production vehicles where they are processed, recorded, and transmitted accordingly. 

A mobile production vehicle is a mobile studio. It has cameras, vision control, sound mixer, vision mixer, and any other equipment needed to produce a television or video production. The equipment is used to broadcast quality feeds of outdoor events (both live and prerecorded). 

For example, the SuperTechno 30 | TECHNOCRANE is an innovative telescopic crane used in outdoor broadcasting to create the best views possible of your outdoor event. In this particular piece of outdoor broadcasting equipment, the camera is mounted on the remote head on the end of the crane and is moved by the camera operator at a control desk. The Technocrane can telescope at different speeds controlled by the operator, which allows the camera to move in a manner that cannot be achieved using the jib arm and dolly method. As the technocrane records, it sends the images to the outdoor production vehicle.

benefits of mobile production vehicle

Benefits of Mobile Production Vehicle

  1. Cost effective: cheaper and easier to maintain compared to traditional TV studios.
  2. Versatile: mobile production vehicles can be used to broadcast a wider range of events to larger audiences, such as concerts, sports events, corporate events, and more.
  3. Mobile: as their name suggests, these mobile production vehicles can be set-up anywhere, which makes them ideal for televised news, entertainment, political, or sporting events.
  4. Flexible production: mobile production vehicles can be used and modified to meet an event’s specific video production needs.
  5. Minimal space: mobile production vehicles only require a small parking space, yet despite their smaller size, they can accommodate larger audiences.
  6. Best of both worlds: a television channel or station can deploy a mobile production vehicle to serve its purpose at any event. 
  7. Marketing advantages: since they can reach such a large audience, mobile production vehicles can also be used as an effective marketing tool to give your company a competitive edge.
  8. Live action: Since they are easily deployed to an onsite event, mobile production vehicles help broadcasters provide accurate and exact details of the news or event as it is taking place. This includes taking photos, live audio, live video, and interviews by reporters.

Seven Production Film and Broadcasting

Now more than ever, live production connects the world during evolving global times. Seven Production’s mobile production vehicles empower crews with the solutions and technology they need to enhance story creation by providing access to clear content in real-time. We take pride in providing sports fans and content viewers with access to stunning images and rich action when they aren’t physically able to attend the live-action. 

If you have a production or live event coming up, and are interested in learning more about using our mobile production vehicles, contact a member of our team today.