comprehensive guide to 2021 best streaming equipment

Streaming live video in 2021 is essential for many businesses. Whether it’s streaming video to broadcast live events, staying connected with customers, increasing brand awareness, or spreading your message, having the right equipment is essential for quality broadcasting. 

At Seven Productions, we leverage the latest innovative technologies to produce high-quality, clear 4K HD content, in real-time, for our viewers. Let’s take a look at the best equipment for streaming content for your next live event.


What is Livestreaming?

Live streaming is a video stream of real-time video. Companies use livestreaming to connect with their clients and build brand awareness. You can live stream anything from corporate conferences and sporting events to political, entertainment events, and even behind the scenes looks of your business. Live streaming allows you to provide quality content to your customers while simultaneously spreading your message and building brand awareness. 

Investing in the Right Equipment

Streaming video connects you to a wide reach of customers from all over the globe. However, you want to make sure you are providing your viewers with high-quality content. The equipment you use to stream is essential to your business. Without the right audio and visual equipment, your viewers won’t stick around to see your broadcast. 

Top Video Streaming Equipment 2021


 C300 MarkIII

Adding to its expansive and innovative lineup of Cinema EOS digital cinema cameras, Canon has launched the EOS C300 Mark III. As the next generation of 35mm streaming cameras, the EOS C300 III features a modular design and an interchangeable lens mount that allows users to customize the camera easily. The new Dual Gain Output (DGO), coupled with the modular nature of the C300 Mark III, empowers users to seamlessly stream clear live broadcasts for their viewers. Additionally, this camera offers clean HDMI, and up to 12G-SDI output, which allows for virtually seamless connectivity with many additional compatible streaming solutions.

Panasonic AW-UE100 Robotic Camera

The Panasonic AW-UE100 Robotic Camera supports a wide variety of IP transmission protocols, including high-bandwidth NDI*2, high-efficiency NDI|HX, and Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)*3. With a newly-designed direct drive motor for smooth pan and tilt movement the Panasonic AW-UE100 camera offers installation flexibility, low noise, and high-resolution image capture. It’s the ideal camera for high-quality live remote and studio production for broadcast, staging, corporate, entertainment, and sports events. Best of all, this camera features a wide-angle lens and horizontal view angle to shoot broadcasts in small areas, while the 24x optical zoom permits shooting in large indoor spaces.

Grass Valley LDX-80

The Grass Valley LDX-80 is ideal for anyone looking to elevate their live stream with high-quality HD broadcasting. The ability to seamlessly switch between 1080i and 720p, coupled with a no-compromise performance in 1080p50 / 60, the LDX-80 belongs to one of the most advanced camera series. The Grass Valley camera system LDX-80 comes as a set, consisting of the camera head, the CCU, and the Eyecatcher 744. Brilliantly suitable for effortless live streaming, the innovative equalizer allows its user to adjust crispness in the shadows, as well as midtones and highlights independently. The result is crystal clear images for and enhanced viewer experience.

Sony HDC-1700

If you’re looking for superb imaging with cutting-edge technologies, the Sony HDC-1700 is equipped with sophisticated three-chip 2/3-inch Power HAD FX CCD image sensors, and the latest 16-bit A/D converter to provide superior picture quality. If you’re tired of broadcasting blurry images, this is the perfect camera for you. Sony’s adaptive matrix helps create beautifully balanced pictures allowing you to stage events with strong, monochromatic light with crisp and clear imagery. With the ability to support HD and SD signal formats, this extremely flexible camera allows you to fulfill a full spectrum of live production roles. 

seven production mobile production vehicles and live broadcasting services

Seven Production

Now more than ever, live production connects the world during evolving global times. Seven Production’s mobile production vehicles and live broadcasting services empower crews with the technology and solutions they need to enhance content creation by providing access to clear, crisp 4K and HD content in real-time. We take pride in providing content viewers with access to stunning images and exciting action when they aren’t physically able to attend the live event. 

If you have a production or live event coming up, contact a member of our team to learn more about our mobile production vehicles and live streaming services.