everything you need to know about tv production

TV is an enormous part of our lives. From watching our favorite weekly programs to tuning in to the big match or fight, the quality of what we watch boils down to TV production. But what exactly is TV production and what does it take to produce quality content? In this article, we will look at everything you need to know about TV production. 

What is TV production?

TV production is the process of developing a television show from its early writing stage through acquiring talent and a crew, securing a set or location, shooting, editing, and preparing it for broadcast. Different types of shows have different production methods, each geared toward efficiently creating the final product and delivering it to an audience.

Live Studio Broadcasting 

Many types of shows, including sitcoms, game shows, and talk shows, are shot live in a studio. While they are typically filmed in a single location, they can also be taped live at an off location site. During a live broadcast, content is streamed directly to the viewer as it is being filmed and produced. Live broadcasting can be filmed in front of a studio audience or on a closed set.

Taped Studio Production

Many shows, as well as feature films, are taped in a studio to be shown later. The production process is like live studio broadcasting, and sometimes can involve a live studio audience.

Regardless of the type of production set (live or taped), a TV program typically includes three steps:

    1. Pre-production (planning and preparation for the project)
    2. Production (filming)
    3. Post-production (editing, adding sound and special effects) 

Depending on the specific production needs, these phases can be linear, with each step following the next step, or the production phases can overlap one another.

experienced crew and equipment for tv production

Crew and Equipment

TV production is only as good as the crew and equipment behind the scenes bringing the creative vision to life. Behind every successful TV production is an experienced crew. 

    • Executive Producer/Producer: in charge of the production and maintaining the coordination of the cast and crew, as well as managing administrative, legal, financial, budgeting and scheduling issues     
    • Director: the director’s tasks include directing actors, coordinating the senior technical crew, and maintaining the central authority for the execution of daily filming
    • Writer: produces the script and all creative concepts for the TV production
    • Camera Operator: creates the composition (or framing) of shots to capture the director’s vision (may have creative freedom or be instructed by the director)
    • Audio Operator: manage the sound of a production, including (but not limited to) mixing audio, managing microphones and mic outputs, adjusting audio levels to achieve ideal sound, etc.
    • Boom Operator: whether in-studio or on location, a boom operator’s main responsibility is to operate and place a microphone from lengthy boom poles
    • Gaffer/Lighting Director: the primary electrician on-set, tasked with lighting the stage at the instruction of the cinematographer or tech manager

Aside from a skilled and dependable production crew, a well executed television production requires high-quality equipment. From 4K cameras, HD cameras, and ultra slow motion cameras to camera mounts, satellite transmission, HD lenses, and fully equipped Outdoor Broadcasting Units, there are a lot of moving pieces required to produce quality broadcasting for viewers. 

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