formula 1 sports broadcasting with seven production

Whether it’s watching the big game, a concert, or another important live event, the last thing you want is a streaming glitch or blurry content. Especially during those critical moments that make or break the event!

 At Seven Production we take great pride in providing our clients with the highest quality live streamed content. This is particularly important for live sports events, like the recent Formula One (F1) in Abu Dhabi. Leveraging the latest innovative technologies and 4k streaming equipment, we ensure our viewers won’t miss a second of the live action!

What is Livestreaming?

Live streaming is a video stream of real-time video. You can live stream anything from corporate conferences and sporting events to political, and entertainment events. Live streaming allows you to provide quality content to your customers while simultaneously spreading your message and building brand awareness. 

At Seven Production, we invest in the latest and greatest technology to stream live sporting events in crystal clear 4k images. 

​​What is 4K Broadcasting? 

Also known as “Ultra-HD,” 4K broadcasting features content with four times the number of pixel resolution as HDTV. Resolution comprises how densely the pixels are put together on the display. Individual pixels collect together to make up the image you see on the screen. The higher the pixel count the higher the resolution. Greater resolution results in a clearer, sharper image with deeper, bolder colors. 

The “K” in 4K stands for Kilo (1000), meaning the TV contains a horizontal resolution of about 4,000 pixels. In order to broadcast 4K content, broadcasters must capture their content in 4K resolution, like with a 4K OB turck. In order to view 4K content, you must have a 4K television.

Seven Production 4K OB Truck

Now more than ever, live production connects the world during evolving global times. 4K production trucks empower crews with the solutions and technology they need to enhance story creation by providing access to clear content in real-time. As the first to provide 4K Broadcast Trucks in the region, Seven Production is proud to serve as the UAE’s trusted leader for the region’s most important live broadcast events. 

seven production Formula 1 sports broadcasting

Sports Broadcasting with Seven Production

At Seven Production, our sports production packages provide sports fans and content viewers with access to stunning images and rich action when they aren’t physically able to attend the live-action. Using our 4K OB Truck, and other innovative broadcasting equipment, we’re able to connect our viewers with high-quality content to bring them closer to the content. It’s the next best thing to being in the front row!

Not only can we flawlessly stream live sporting events in real time, but we can also capture behind the scenes moments for fans to enjoy. For example, during the recent F1 in Abu Dhabi, not only did we broadcast the main event, but our team of videographers and broadcasters also produced content to show the most dramatic moments of the 2021 F1 season, the funniest moments of the season, interviews with drivers, and much more.

Our comprehensive in-house broadcasting package includes complete technical production and live coverage using a range of innovative equipment and 4K or high definition (HD) camera facilities, as well as the Technical Personnel required to film and broadcast live sporting events.  

As pioneers of the first customized Outside Broadcast (OB) Truck, Seven Production remains at the forefront of broadcast innovation in The MENA Region with a focus on catering to local sports productions. 

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