seven production interview with digital studio in the fast lane

With two of the most thrilling live sporting events upon us in November, the Formula One and the highly-anticipated FIFA World Cup Qatar, Digital Studio Middle East speaks to Seven Production, the team working on both these big-ticket events to find out how the team would be powering live-events of such a record-breaking scale.

Staying at the forefront of technology and innovations, Dubai-born film and broadcasting production house, Seven Production has a wealth of experience in working on some of the biggest events in the region. Yet again, as the company gears up to lend their expertise to the upcoming FIFA World Cup and Fl, Tony Jabbour, Head of Engineering and Operations, Seven Production and Lara Ghanem, Regional Director of the company, open up on the team’s work on these mega live sporting events, the task ahead of them, the prep in the run-up of the events, technologies to be leveraged, and more.