challenges for outdoor broadcasting in 2021

Taking the complex nuances and equipment of broadcasting from the confines of the studio into the outside world provides production crews with a unique set of challenges to overcome. From unfolding news stories and live concerts to live sporting events or simply taking a well-established program out on the road, outside broadcasting offers TV companies limitless opportunities to create quality content for viewers. 

There are many challenges outdoor production crews have to overcome to provide the best content to their viewers. Luckily, the professionals at Seven Production have the experience and manufacture industry-leading equipment which empowers our clients to provide the best outdoor broadcast services for their next big event. 

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest challenges in outdoor broadcast in 2021.


What are the Challenges in Outdoor Broadcast?


1. Environment and Weather

The great outdoors can bring many challenges to production teams. Whether you are shooting in an open field, the desert, or an open arena, it goes without saying all electrical equipment will need protection from the elements. Whether it’s cameras and microphones or monitors and mixing consoles, all outdoor broadcasting equipment has to be protected from rain, dirt, sand, wind, and other natural elements. At Seven Production, we deploy a robust waterproof protection system for all of our outdoor broadcasting equipment to ensure your crew is safe while they create vivid content for your audience.

2. Electricity

Outdoor broadcasting requires large amounts of power. This is particularly true for events that require a great deal of lighting. When you are broadcasting from outside, it’s essential to have the right generators in place to avoid overloading local electricity supplies. In addition to the broadcasting equipment, these generators also require the right protective casing.

3. Lighting

Lighting is just as important and power-consuming for outdoor broadcasting as it would be in a studio. Lighting needs to be set up safely and requires proper ventilation to avoid overheating. While natural light plays an integral part in an outside broadcast, having a supplementary lighting service is essential when it comes to the final picture the viewers will see at home. 

4. Cabling

Broadcasting typically requires several metres of cabling to be run across the site for video signals, audio signals, and power. However, this can prove challenging in an outdoor environment. Cabling should never be rushed, and should always be laid with proper care and attention. When cabling is improperly laid, it can cause a serious danger to life, especially when the elements are involved. 

At Seven Production we offer a wide range of wireless broadcasting solutions to help your production crew communicate and coordinate with one another in real-time effectively – virtually from any location in the world. Our extensive set of flexible wireless solutions for broadcast productions is designed to connect these entities together and extend communications access to any remote location, quickly and effortlessly – without the need for endless cables.

5. Efficiency

Outdoor broadcasting events, such as breaking news broadcasts, often do not allow for much time to set up and take down equipment. Outdoor broadcasting (OB) vehicles make it easy for your team to record, edit, and broadcast events in real time without the need for time consuming setup and take down complications. Depending on your needs, Seven Production offers a wide range of OB vehicles to include any of the following:

challenges in outdoor broadcast

Seven Production Outdoor Broadcasting

Outdoor broadcasting comes with its own unique set of challenges and setbacks. However, the experts at Seven Production provide our clients with the most specialised, high-quality equipment to meet these challenges safely and effectively. Our OB mobile production vehicles empower crews with the solutions and technology they need to enhance story creation by providing access to clear content in real-time

We take pride in providing sports fans and content viewers with access to stunning images and rich action when they aren’t physically able to attend the live event. If you have a production or live event coming up, and are interested in learning more about using our mobile production vehicles, contact a member of our team today.