what is 4K ob truck and what are its benefits

In the high-pressure, adrenaline-fueled environment of live productions, crews must create exceptional programming to fast-turnaround deadlines. Most importantly, the content better be vivid, sharp, and crystal clear! To achieve this, production crews must use the highest-performing technology available to ensure high-quality output.

Whether you’re looking to broadcast a breaking news event as it’s happening or your team is covering the latest sports event, a 4K outdoor unit is designed to take user experience to the next level. If you’re new to the world of 4K outdoor broadcast (OB) trucks, you’re not alone. Luckily, the experts at Seven Production are here to help you.

Let’s start with the basics!


What’s a 4K OB Unit?

Outside Broadcast (OB) refers to any television or radio program broadcast from a location away from the traditional studio setting. The location doesn’t actually have to be outdoors, it just simply takes place “outside of the studio”. Generally, the term OB implies multi-camera coverage coordinated and directed from a mobile control room. OB can range in size and complexity, encompassing a single camera to dozens of cameras and staff. 

An OB Unit is a mobile production unit, complete with equipment and crew, designed to travel to a location and provide broadcast coverage. 4K OB units take this experience to the next level! These multifunctional broadcast vehicles are equipped with the latest innovative technology to provide an ultra-efficient mobile TV production unit to deliver the highest quality content for your viewers. Not only do these state-of-the-art units provide the highest quality in imaging, but they also provide comfort for your entire broadcast crew. 


Benefits of 4K OB Units

4K outdoor broadcast units are designed to help your team produce and deliver the highest caliber of content to your viewers, that’s as good – if not better, than being there in person!

benefits of 4k ob units

Benefits of 4K OB units include:

  • Cutting edge technology including transmission equipment and cameras (ranging from 4 to 44 cameras depending on your needs), production switcher, routing, and monitoring to acquire stunning quality feeds.
  • Ability to seamlessly process the final output without the need of additional conversion and upscaling systems. (This is ideal for ultra-fast events, such as live sports and concerts to deliver the ultimate viewing experiences).
  • 4K imaging produces images 4 times as sharp as standard imaging for “real life” content delivery.
  • Faster setup and breakdown.
  • Connectivity enables reliable production, instant live feed, and higher ROI.
  • Ergonomic and temperature-controlled working environment to enhance productivity while your team creates engaging content in day-long (or night-long) comfort.
  • Versatile, these units can be used for a wide range of coverage ranging from entertainment and sports to nature and news.
  • And much more!


Seven Production 4K OB Truck

Now more than ever, live production connects the world during evolving global times. 4K production trucks empower crews with the solutions and technology they need to enhance story creation by providing access to clear content in real-time. As the first to provide 4K Broadcast Trucks in the region, Seven Production is proud to serve as the UAE’s trusted leader for the region’s most important live broadcast events. 

We take pride in providing sports fans and content viewers with access to stunning images and rich action when they aren’t physically able to attend the live-action. In partnering with powerhouse Grass Valley, we’re able to connect our viewers with high-quality content that not only brings them closer to the content but also engages them with the story and connects them with one another. 

If you have a production or live event coming up, and are interested in learning more about using our 4K OB truck, or any of our other OB units, contact a member of our team today.