what is inside seven productions 4k ob truck and what is it used for

When it comes to live-action sports and entertainment, you want to ensure the highest quality broadcast experience for your viewers. That’s where the experts at Seven Production can help! Our 4K OB trucks are equipped with the latest innovative technologies to empower our clients to deliver vivid, sharp, crystal clear content in real-time without interruptions. 

Whether you’re looking to broadcast play-by-play action of the next big game or breaking news as it unfolds, a 4K outdoor unit is designed to take the viewer experience to the next level. But what exactly is inside one of Seven Production’s 4K OB trucks? Today we’re going to give you the inside scoop on our state-of-the-art broadcasting trucks and how they can benefit your next live broadcast. 

What is a 4K OB Unit?

Outside Broadcast (OB) refers to any television or radio broadcast from any setting other than a traditional studio setting. An OB truck is a mobile production unit that includes equipment and workstations for your production crew. It’s designed to travel to a remote location and provide broadcast coverage. 4K units are made to help your team produce and deliver the highest quality content to your viewers that’s as good, if not better, than being there in person. 

A Look Inside the 4K OB Unit

Seven Production has a wide range of 4K OB trucks in various sizes and capabilities. All of our units, regardless of size, are configured with comfortable workstations, which allows for better communication between production staff. 

what is inside the 4k ob unit

what is inside seven production 4k ob unit

Depending on the truck you need, you might find the following GRASS VALLEY equipment inside for broadcasting needs:

  • Up to 20 cameras with wireless capabilities ensure you catch all the live action.
  • LAWO MC²36 Audio Console with surround audio system and RTS ODIN intercom.
  • Up to 9 production monitors.
  • Up to 4 shading room monitors.
  • 4K replay system.
  • Multitrack recording and microphones.
  • RTS ODIN 48 PORT wireless, talk back, intercom system.
  • Comfortable seating for your production crew.
  • And much more.

Seven Production

Now more than ever, live Production connects the world during evolving global times. 4K production trucks empower crews with the solutions and technology they need to enhance story creation by providing real-time access to clear content. As the first to provide 4K Broadcast Trucks in the region, including the first double expansion UHD OBVAN based on 12G technology, Seven Production is proud to serve as the UAE’s trusted leader for the region’s most important live broadcast events. 

what is a 4k ob unit

Whether you are broadcasting live coverage of a late-breaking news story or play-by-play action of the next fight, we can help. We take pride in providing sports fans and content viewers with access to stunning images and rich action when they aren’t physically able to attend the live action. If you have a production or live event coming up and are interested in learning more about using our 4K OB truck, or any of our other OB units, contact a member of our team today.